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When you want to join Bola Bola88 tournament, you will be served with some options related to the game and betting type so you need to know the options.

Know The Betting Type in Bola Bola88 Tournament
Every tournament is different and it has its own rules and regulations inside. Though the game might be the same, the rules and betting are not. That is why, you have to know the options in every tournament whether this Bola Bola88 game is no limit or pot limit and others. If you know about it all, then you can play it better and you can choose which game you should play perfectly for your own sake.

Choose The Betting Types of Bola Bola88 Tournament
There are some different betting types on Bola Bola88 tournament you can choose such as:

  • SNGs

This tournament is called as “sit and go” where people can sit after another one is busted. It happens usually in the small tournament with fixed bet and the game will start once the seats are all filled. If you want to play the tournament with different buster as the variations, then you can choose it. However, the stake will go higher more and more.

  • Knockout or bounty

Just like the name, in this tournament you need to pay more little bit. The extra will go to a bounty and it will be paid when one player or you kick one player out from the tournament. For instance, each player will start the game in $5 bounty. If you kick out one player, then his $5 chip will be yours.

Understand it better and choose your Bola Jadwal Tv Bola tournament based on the betting types so you will not find it difficult and different from other regular games you always do.